A Kid’s Journey to the Knitting World


Teaching children to knit can be a great satisfaction for parents, but it can also be filled with frustration. Parents should understand how kids work and how they can be taught easily. They should also need to understand what their children’s needs are. Some experiences show that moms would teach their kids to knit different knitting patterns for babies which they will find interesting to do.  But, when exactly is the right time to teach?

Many kids had started learning the craft of knitting when they were 5 or 6 years old. Some even started earlier than that. Since knitting requires hand-eye coordination and longer attention span, some says that the learning won’t work well with kids. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Kids can learn knitting even at a younger age. Though parents may find problems on coordination, still, what matters is when they express their interest when they see you knitting. Start teaching them to feed the interest no matter what age they are.  But remember, be willing to let go of the training if you find your kids bored or unwilling to learn.

It is better if you introduce them to different knitting needle sizes and knitting needle conversion charts, though they might be loaded with numbers at first. They’ll learn more of it as time goes by. You might start with teaching them finger knitting first. This method will help them improve their coordination. Next, let them try knitting knobby. This method will help them to work with yarn as well as dexterity which will be useful when they start handling needles.

You need to provide supplies for your kids. Try to let them work with wool first, for it is easy to work on and nice to feel on the hands. If you choose yarn, make sure it is medium or worsted weight. When it comes to needles, some people suggest that kids would work well with larger needles because it will be easier for them to hang onto big ones.

When they start with their project, teach them with the knitting method you’re comfortable with. Explain to them that mistakes do happen and it’s normal especially with the first few projects. But assure them that it is a lot easier in no time.

Parents, remember that the key is to be patient with your teaching lessons. Showing off their first project to you is way more rewarding and pays off every effort you spent. Enjoy the bond with your kids while knitting!


Can Knitting soothe your mood?


Can knitting enhance one’s ability to learn new things? Can it help to ward off any mental stress a person has? Well, most people resort to extreme exercise for it improves health and fitness. Looking on sides, knitting and exercise might have little in common, but you’ll be surprised to know that both activities have great contribution to our mood and cognitive function. Knitting simple knitting patterns for babies not only can make your babies smile, but it can also have a meditative or deep relaxing effect on the knitter. Yes, knitting exercises the brain and elevates the mood of those who engage on it. Sounds interesting right? Surely it is.

Knitters have often describe the state of feeling they have when they move their hands with different knitting needle sizes. They say that when they start knitting, they seem like performing yoga. Studies abut brain waves of people that was immersed in spatial-motor tasks has revealed similarities with those who perform deep meditation. Like meditation, the repetition, as when you move forward to knitting, stimulates the brain’s functions known as the reward system and thus promote good relaxation and gives an antidote to stress-driven health consequences.

How is this possible? Can knitting truly be meditative? During repetition, the cerebral flow of the left prefrontal cortex of the brain increases in activity.  And when this happens, our positive mood is highly affected because the left prefrontal cortex is associated with our feelings. When knitters do their trick, they at the same time activates their left prefrontal cortex and gives the similar feeling as when you solve puzzles, or translate codes.  Over time, it was discovered that activating the left prefrontal cortex helps to ward off depression and anxiety-related problems as well as good response to any stress.

Knitting can be a great aide to have a healthy body. When you knit, your brain is called to stay alive and serve its function. Knitting can also be a good way to distract your brain from thinking negative situations or emotions. An experience of a  woman who has a physical trauma shows that when she reached for her knitting needles, she gradually begin to feel better and the rhythmic movement of her fingers lulled her brain and made her feel at peace.

Knitting has its long way to promote good health, physically and mentally as well as emotionally. A lot may see this as a boring hobby, but the joy that reflects while the knitters knit proves that their brain functions to its best. So grab your knitting needles and knitting needle conversion charts and knit your way to wellness!

How Gifts for Babies Become Truly Remarkable


Children’s occasions are unique because they convey a significant history in baby’s existence. From baptisms, birthdays, as well as baby showers, all of them play an important role since it becomes an area of the baby’s background that he will require along with him until he develops and matures. It’s a memory that the child, quickly as he developed, will tell their children as well as grandchildren, eventually developing a part of a household culture which will define the actual lives they lead.

With all of these types of festivities, regardless of how small or big, arrives gift-giving. And from the entire actual heap associated with gifts that a child can get, who doesn’t want their own gift to become truly cherished? But what could be a memorable gift when every possible present is available to everybody and can be purchased with just a click of a mouse? The solution: Customize this!

Customizing is definitely the sure way to help make your present precious since it is the only person available, it’s distinctive and is not “generic”. More importantly, the family of the baby will be very thankful for you knowing that you spent time and effort within preparing your own present. This exhibits how much significance you give to them.

There are lots of stuff that you are able to personalize. An example of customizing gifts while being creative and inventive is by mixing, for instance, your own fond of stitched shoelaces and yarns. In this example, you may want to take a look at knitting pattern for babies and knitting needle conversion charts as the best option in personalizing. Your options turn out to be endless with knitting because there are a lot of things to knit, through hooded sweatshirts as well as shoes to baby sweaters as well as child tees. There are lots of sewing designs with regard to babies available online. Feel free to look around as there are so many to select from. The positive thing is that reputable providers along with well-planned websites classify designs based on the technique, kind, wool fat, and even the actual creative designers who built them into. And if you think you are no expert at carrying this out, there is no need to fret as these same web sites will often have a class for designs based on level of skill. Isn’t that great?

There are so many additional presents for babies that you could customize to make it really memorable. From collectibles to playthings and keepsakes in order to gift baskets, you are able to customize all of them. All it requires is a bit of creativity. But remember, there is no better gift for a baby, or anyone, compared to your love and affection.

What are the Ideal Knitting Needles for Beginners?

As an amateur in knitting, you must be careful in selecting the best knitting needle for you. You must know the different factors to consider in choosing needles, for example, the one which is easy to handle and safe to use but inexpensive. It is fine to choose a cheap but beautiful type for your first set of needles. The size of the needles also affects your stitches as well as your finished product so you must choose the right needle size to use. Knitting needle conversion charts can guide you on choosing the right needle.

In beginning your first knitting project, you will tend to buy different types of needles in which you can use for your own style. There are many types of needles available to use, some are made of aluminum and some are made of bamboo. But the more exotic materials are used for the needle, the more expensive it becomes. It is fun to use different needle sizes because you will discover the different designs you can do with those needles.

Needle has different sizes depending on its type. US and UK don’t have the same measurement for needles. This is proved by the knitting needle conversion charts available online. You can search for it and look for the difference that will serve as your guide in choosing the right measurement of needle that you need for your project. As advised by a knitting expert, beginners should not use over-sized needle because it is easier to slide the stitches and they can go on fully without having a hard time.

Some kids are eager to learn about knitting, which is a good thing for their parents. They say that kids are more creative because they tend to use more colors and decorations for their projects. Having a small hand and short fingers, they are advised to use shorter knitting needles in order to come up with a beautiful project without difficulty and frustration. Needles should also be smooth in texture, in order to easily find out where to poke the needles in. Kids should also use lighter yarn colors because in dark-colored yarns, stitches are hard to define.

Knitting for beginners doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to know the right choice of yarn and needles, as well as the easy patterns to do as a starting project. Browse on your handy knitting needle conversion charts and get ready for your first project. Undeniably, it tends to be difficult at first but in just a little time and more practice, you will find out that knitting seems to be very easy and there’s really nothing to fear about.

Discover the World of Knitting: A Hobby that is worth your Precious Time

As a person living in a modern world today, do you still mind of doing knitting projects as a recreational activity or hobby during your leisure time? Well, I guess, you would answer “No.” because of many other interesting things to do like hanging out with friends, shopping, joyriding, etc that puts knitting at the end of the list. But come to think of it, do you have any satisfaction of doing such things but without getting anything in return?

Because of the new technology, we tend to forget some things that we used to do in our early days. One example of these is knitting. Knitting, they say, requires high quality skills but you will be surprised when you discovered that it’s an easy hobby to learn. First and foremost, you must know the information on yarn, needles and knitting needle sizes and different patterns to follow in making knitted projects.

There are many types of yarn that can be used for knitting but they are just divided into two categories: natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers consist of cotton, linen, hemp, wool, and silk while synthetic fibers are rayon, polyester, acrylic, nylon, acetate, spandex, polypropylene which are also termed as man-made fibers. There are some factors that you need to consider in selecting what yarn to use. It depends on your choice on how to make your work unique and creative.

Needles and Needle Sizes
Varieties of needles are used for knitting. These are straight, circular and double-pointed needles. The type of needle to use depends on the item you are going to make. Knitting needle sizes vary so this is an important factor to consider before doing such knitting projects to enjoy this relaxing and portable past time and to avoid sheer frustration.

Choosing Patterns
After you have prepared all the materials needed for knitting, you must choose the pattern that you will use in your project. If you’re a beginner, you must start first to the basic patterns before doing a higher level of knitting patterns. Then whatever pattern you would focus on, determine the right knitting needle sizes to get the desired output of your patterns. It must be a bright idea to start in a small and flat surface which doesn’t need much shaping to practice your beginner’s skill.

At the first period of doing your project, you will find out that knitting is not an easy task. But after you discovered the enjoyment and relaxation of doing this activity, you will eventually find it easy and you will find yourself getting addicted and tend to do it again and again.

Handmade Expressions of Love for Dear Babies

Knitting can be one of the simplest ways to express our love and care for our dear babies. Simply making handmade clothes, blankets, toys and sweaters can make them feel they are valued like no other. Knitting patterns for babies provide a variety of ideas on how to put those expressions into reality.

One of the old practices of most people somewhere in the Middle East was knitting for babies. They are making different stitches out of needle and yarn which can be made as improvised clothes for their babies. Moreover, this practice was spread to Europe and any other continents in the world. Babies are considered little angels for all of us and commonly, their arrival calls for a celebration. They are God’s blessings and they need extra love and care from us. When you think of something unique and economical gift for a baby or for your own baby rather, well, knitting will be the best way. There are a lot of knitting patterns for babies available, and you can even one if you prefer.

Just before the baby was born, his/her parents were preparing for his/her different things and so excited to obtain new wardrobes and accessories. Knitting can be the best way to obtain these new, different and interesting things economically and with less stress. However, knitted things can also be used as a gift for newly-born babies in their special occasions.

Aside from being useful and economical, wardrobes, accessories and clothes made of yarn is also the best if you’re seeking for a comfortable suit for your babies. Because of its soft and mild texture, these can give a good mood that can bring smile to your baby’s face. Seeing a happy face from your baby is more than enough to wash away your tiredness and stress from a busy day and can make you restore your energy and feel alive again.

As we observe at first, knitting is very hard but as you go through it, you will discover that this is surprisingly easy to learn and you will get used to it as time goes by. Aside from the mind blowing but relaxing activity, this can also enhance your creativity by discovering new knitting patterns for babies and designs that your babies will surely love. Many people see it as an old practice and doing this can be considered as old fashion but they never knew that doing this can be a way for us to discover new things in our lives. Doing this is very precious because the time and effort you exerted for knitting is priceless.

Reasons Why Knitting Is Still Around

There is no specific date as to when knitting was invented or as to who invented it. It is believed though that knitting has been around for a thousand years based on the discovery in Egypt of a knitted cotton “Coptic” socks dating around the end of the year 1000 AD. Because the knitting on those socks was already refined and skillfully made, many believe that knitting existed even way before those socks were made.

Considering the almost ancient origin of knitting, how come many people still knit today with patterns similar to what already existed a thousand years ago? Given the age of modernization, why does old-fashioned knitting still flourish and continue to have hordes of fans all over the world?

There are many reasons why this portable and inexpensive hobby is still around. Below are some of the more popular and obvious reasons.

Knitting is simple to do that almost anyone can do it, young or old. It keeps your hands busy in a way making it a form of exercise, which is good especially when you think you are not getting any younger. Knitting is one way wherein you can watch TV while being productive at the same time.

Knitting mostly benefits this aspect of your life. It helps you think sharply and improves your concentration. It has a calming effect (based on research) which is why many people are hooked on this light-hearted activity. It also flexes your level of creativity so you remain challenged. It is meditation for most people.

Knitting helps you to be patient with the patterns that you need to follow. It teaches you the value of perseverance and gives you a sense of achievement and joy that ultimately makes you feel good about yourself.

Knitting has brought many friends. Why? Wouldn’t you be extremely overjoyed if a person hands you over a gift that he or she personally made? A personalized knitted gift makes people happy knowing the effort and time they invested on it. It is priceless!

There are obviously hundred more reasons why old-fashioned knitting is still around. The reasons are endless! It is addictive because the activity enhances your over-all creativity, it challenges your mind but in a relaxing manner like you’ve never had before. And even when you are already a seasoned knitter, knitting will still challenge you to experiment on new patterns and innovative projects.

So don’t waste time, grab yourself a pair of knitting needles (if you inherited hand-me-down knitting needles sizes from your grandma, knitting needle conversion charts are a big help), some rolls of colorful yarns, and get those arms moving and be captivated by this timeless, laid-back activity that we all continuously learn to love.

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